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This Utah Home Has Rock Climbing Walls and a Skate Ramp - - state Utah
04.08.2023 / 00:44

This Utah Home Has Rock Climbing Walls and a Skate Ramp

Interior designer Stephanie Hunt’s seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom Park City, Utah, home is a grown-up, glammed-up, sophisticated version of a funhouse—it’s got so many surprises and delights at every turn. And believe it or not, she got the inspiration for the home on a freezing winter trip to Reykjavík, Iceland. “We were there for a quick weekend trip and I was struck by how the simple barn structures—very close together—looked like one unit. Because we’re art collectors I wondered what it would feel like to have each pod or pavilion, if you will, developed in a simple, honest architectural style, connected by halls and glass elements, with the halls serving sort of in-home art galleries,” she explains.

Japanese Maple – Root and Branch Review - - Usa - Netherlands - Japan - city Boston
01.08.2023 / 15:05

Japanese Maple – Root and Branch Review

Ornamental Japanese Maples are widely available for planting in your garden. The autumn colouring makes these trees spectacular when planted en mass in a woodland or Japanese garden setting.

English Oak Tree – Root and Branch Review - - Britain - Scotland
01.08.2023 / 14:53

English Oak Tree – Root and Branch Review

Oak trees conjure up images of Robin Hood and mystical Oak forests. Britain has made good use of Oak trees down the centuries. ‘From little acorns great Oak trees grow’

Grow a Low Allergy Garden – Scent and Smell - - Ireland
01.08.2023 / 14:51

Grow a Low Allergy Garden – Scent and Smell

Hay fever and Asthma attacks can be brought on by Scented Plants as well as pollen or Fungal Spores. Histamin problems can also be exacerbated by scent and smells in the garden.

Botanical Illustration and Gardener’s Art Books -
01.08.2023 / 14:49

Botanical Illustration and Gardener’s Art Books

For something a bit different this book on botanic art covers some of the unusual colours from black flowers, plants and seaweed like strange green, blue and puce pink.

Climate Change and Garden Insects - - Scotland
01.08.2023 / 14:48

Climate Change and Garden Insects

One thing is sure the climate in your garden will change. You already know one week will be different to the next and I can’t remember when two months or any years were the identical to others. In many areas you can get 3 or 4 seasons in one day (or in Scotland one hour!).

Snowdrop Tips and Locations - - Scotland
01.08.2023 / 14:48

Snowdrop Tips and Locations

Snowdrops are officially called Galanthus. This snowdrop is Galanthus elwessii with larger than normal blooms and a honey scent the other main species are Nivalis and Plicatus. The snowdrop is very hardy, grows in most soils and prefers partial shade.

Blight Buster Potatoes - - Ireland
01.08.2023 / 14:45

Blight Buster Potatoes

Potato blight, also called late blight, is a destructive fungal disease that is caused by spores of Phytophthora infestans. Potato blight spores are spread on the wind and may also contaminate potato tubers in the soil. It can ruin a crop in 10-14 days and there is little that can be done to save an infected crop. It was the original cause of the Irish Potato Famine.

How to Grow and Care for Marsh Mallow - - Greece
01.08.2023 / 12:11

How to Grow and Care for Marsh Mallow

Marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis) is a hardy herbaceous perennial, the root of which was once used to flavour the sweets of the same name. Grown and used for thousands of years for a wide variety of medicinal and practical uses, marsh mallow is found from western Europe to central Asia in damp habitats such as marshes and riverbanks, coastal regions and salt marshes – hence its name. A substantial plant, marsh mallow can grow up to 1.8 m in height and spread, forming a clump of mid-green leaves, shallowly lobed at the edges, which are softly hairy on both sides. Stems clothed with pale pink or white flowers are borne from midsummer to autumn and are very attractive to butterflies.

16 Cool Indoor Vines and Climbers People Usually Don't Grow - - New Zealand
24.07.2023 / 12:37

16 Cool Indoor Vines and Climbers People Usually Don't Grow

When it comes totrailing houseplants, people always go for the most usual ones like pothos and philodendrons, not realizing that they are missing out on some species that are not really popular. Here’s one such list of 8 Cool Indoor Vines People Usually Don’t Grow, but you can try if you’re looking for alternatives.

The Biogeography of the Irish Potato Famine - - Usa - Britain - Australia - Ireland - state Oregon
24.07.2023 / 12:34

The Biogeography of the Irish Potato Famine

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, is a popular celebration in the United States, due to the number of Americans, 10.5%, with Irish heritage. One million Irish emigrated to North America, Australia, or other parts of Great Britain in the mid-1800s because of the potato disease now known as late blight. Late blight, caused by the water mold, Phytophthora infestans, destroyed the Irish potato crops in 1845 through 1849 and caused the Irish Potato Famine. Another one million people died from hunger or disease.

Warts and all: the ‘bule’ gourd gang - - Greece
21.07.2023 / 23:10

Warts and all: the ‘bule’ gourd gang

I SEE PERPETUAL, DEEP LAUGHTER IN GOURDS. For that reason, all are welcome at my place; in fact, one moved in with me a few winters ago and hasn’t budged since. Meet ‘Bule’ (pronounced boo-lay). With seed-catalog season imminent, it seems like a good time for introductions to such great (if oddball) botanical companions. Ready to get acquainted?

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