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how-to garden design radio podcasts do a garden audit, with arnold arboretum’s rodney eason
NOBODY WANTS to get the IRS notice in the mail that they’re being audited, heaven forbid. But when it comes to gardens, Rodney Eason believes that the occasional audit is a very positive process, and encourages us to perform one on our own landscape.
flowers plants gardening watering dahlias Six on Saturday: Differences
After a day of tweaking we are all but ready for tomorrow’s garden opening (although there are always things that can only be done on the day), and I am enjoying sitting down while I write this post. Things are generally in order and the garden is poised and waiting, so a chilled evening is more than justified.
ground Inside experts Provident boxing Booking Do You Really Need a Box Spring? We Asked a Mattress Expert
Like phone books and VHS players, it appears box springs are joining the list of obsolete household items from our childhoods. Not to be confused with the modern bed foundation, box springs contain steel coils inside that offer a little give.
plants gardening watering prevention recommendations party 7 Expert-Approved Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your Home
Planning some house parties this summer? As you compile your guest list, give some thought to those who will not be welcome—notably mosquitos, ants, wasps, and other nasty pests. 
Photography prevention recommendations Photos Provident 8 Kitchen Decorating Mistakes to Avoid, According to a Designer
Audrey Scheck knows her way around a kitchen. As an interior designer based in Austin, Texas, she often puts her stylish touch on kitchen remodels by creating custom design plans that reflect each owner.  From down-to-the-studs renovations to arranging the final touches of decor, Scheck is there for it all. That’s why we turned to her to reveal the common decorating mistakes she sees in the heart of a home. Read on eight decorating mistakes you may be making in your kitchen—and how to fix them.
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flowers plants soil gardening roses mulching recommendations Your gardening questions answered: How can I save my rose plant?
Q: Our 25-year-old Aloha rose has failed to bloom again this season. It used to be in full bloom throughout the month of June. Can you recommend any treatment to restore it to its former glory? A Forsyth
Decorating & Design This Colorful Outdoor Decor Will Transform Your Patio
Oliver Furth, A-List interior designer, AD100 winner, and author of Op! Optimistic Interiors, is no stranger to bold shapes and bright colors. Having designed countless homes with the main objective of stimulating the senses and bringing joy, he has a unique styling eye for combining objects with playful design. From handmade ombre rugs that feel like pillows for your feet, to playful planters that will make your favorite centerpiece plants pop, and even candy-colored dining chairs and mod outdoor lighting options that will be a conversation starter on their own. Read on for Oliver and our garden editor’s fabulous favorites, each sure to inspire a pop of personality when styling your outdoor oasis for summer entertaining.
Summer Decorating & Design 3 Summer Home Decor Trends You'll Soon See Everywhere
As we enter the summer season, Pinterest’s latest trends report shows evidence for three emerging home decor ideas. Nancy Meyers core, dopamine decor, and eclectic vintage were all called out, with more specific search terms mentioned for each category. The throughline? People want their spaces to have a more personalized, nostalgic, and homey vibe.
patio Decorating & Design These Are the Outdoor Essentials Designers are Actually Buying
Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time for you to heed your call of the wild and head outside. Of course, you’re not chilling outside alone: You’ll have all your plants, grilling tools, and outdoor decor essentials keeping you company. That said, finding the right outdoor furniture to suit your space can be admittedly tricky. Not only do you have to find pieces that are designed with Mother Nature in mind—and hopefully don’t follow these key backyard blunders—but you’ll want to find items that look good, too. (Just like what’s inside your home, outdoor furniture can be surprisingly pricey, so it’s in your best interest to find furniture that ticks off all of the boxes.)
Decorating & Design Easy Ways to Decorate Your Space for Summer Entertaining
Oliver Furth, a fourth-generation Los Angeles native, A-List interior designer, and AD100 winner, is best known for his irreverent ability to blend different styles and eras seamlessly. He is a firm believer that making a home for oneself is in itself an act of optimism and the most important ingredient when designing any space is joy. 
Decorating & Design These Barn Door Alternatives Are Stylish Additions
Were you raised in a barn? Probably not, but you might have sliding barn doors as space-saving solutions in your home. Earlier this year, however, experts shared the news that these once-trendy doors are “out,” particularly because they don’t offer much privacy and aren’t the best option if you have space constraints. 

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