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flowers plants gardening poppies Yellow Wellness Parke A naturalistic cottage garden rooted in the wild Derbyshire uplands | House & Garden
Created by a local craftsman using Eyam stone pitchers, the cambered path winds between beds planted with pollinator friendly, cottage garden favourites, including a froth of tall white Artemisia lactiflora ‘Elfenbein’, crimson Knautia macedonica, silvery Stachys byzantina, white Silene fimbriata and lofty, pale yellow Cephalaria gigantea. These tolerate the exposed location and move beautifully in the wind.
flowers plants gardening horticulture Yellow PINK Matthew Reese's perfect planting scheme for an English flower border | House & Garden
Some planting combinations are designed to be stable and static, with reliable perennials that work well together and stay largely in proportion for years. Other schemes are more dynamic, changing dramatically year by year as plants self-seed and move around, perhaps making use of annuals and biennials to add interest.
plants soil gardening lawn seeds germination experts The Ideal Time To Reseed Your Lawn, According To An Expert
Whether you are renovating a weedy lawn or overseeding existing turf, timing is critical to establishing a healthy, robust lawn. Proper timing ensures good seed germination and allows grass seedlings time to establish a healthy root system before the environmental stresses of summer or winter arrive. In turn, a healthy grass stand is better able to compete against weeds and requires less maintenance. We visited with a lawn expert to learn more about the ideal time to reseed lawns, factors to consider, and techniques for achieving a lush and healthy lawn.
flowers plants soil gardening fertilizers tulips experts When To Plant Bulbs, According To Garden Experts
Crocuses, calla lilies, dahlias, irises, and tulips are some classic flowers that don't grow from seeds but from bulbs, an underground structure. Bulbs have short stems, and fleshy leaves and go through a period of dormancy. Growing bulbs requires planning because you don't plant them in the same season the flowers bloom. For example, if you want to enjoy beautiful tulips in the spring, you'll be planting them in the fall.
flowers plants soil gardening SUN Wellness The 14 Best Full-Sun Perennials, According To Gardening Pros
Many annuals and perennials need plenty of sunlight to thrive. Whether you have sunny areas in your front, side, or backyard or a porch, patio, or balcony and want to add more plants that will come back year after year, there are plenty of sun loving perennials to choose from. Many full-sun perennials provide important food sources for bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and moths. While you're enjoying the colorful hues and curious and cool looking blossoms, you'll also get a pollinator show with their frequent visits.
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flowers sunflowers Nature instagram inspiration 100 sunflower quotes and sunflower captions to inspire
Are you in need of some sunny floral inspiration?  Look no further than this list of one hundred fantastic quotes about sunflowers and sunflower captions for instagram.
plants gardening perennials container gardening How to plant lavender in pots and containers: expert guide
Are you looking for advice on how to plant lavender in pots?  This guide covers everything you need to know about how to grow lavender in pots, including tips on lavender varieties, planting instructions, how to care for lavender plants in pots, and growing lavender in pots indoors.
container gardening garden design Urban Garden Retreat
Urban Garden Retreat Follow this gardener's journey to cultivate a neglected yard into a joyful (and award-winning!) urban garden retreat in Maryland. Meet our 2020 Reader Garden award winner: Anne Barone!
plants shrubs spruce fun Security Community Provident 5 Rules to Live By If You Share an Outdoor Space, Pros Share
While you can decorate and enjoy a private backyard just the way you like—or at least within the confines of an HOA’s rules—the elements of a shared courtyard or patch of grass should consider the group rather than the individual homeowners. «While some may not find this ideal, fostering a sense of community in these shared outdoor spaces can provide a sense of enjoyment,» says Joe Raboine, VP of Design at Oldcastle APG, parent company of Belgard Here are some tips on how to make the most of communal space. 

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