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The Stylemaker Issue Featuring Drew Barrymore - - New York - Los Angeles
10.08.2023 / 20:15

The Stylemaker Issue Featuring Drew Barrymore

After a lifetime spent playing other people, Drew Barrymorehas created a new career—and a home line—based on being herself. 

Drew Barrymore’s House Rules—No Bare Walls and Lots of (Pretty) Light - - New York
10.08.2023 / 20:15

Drew Barrymore’s House Rules—No Bare Walls and Lots of (Pretty) Light

Though located in a stately pre-war building on New York’s Upper East Side—a neighborhood not generally associated with laid-back, loosey-goosey vibes—the sunny three-bedroom, three-bath apartment that Drew Barrymore shares with her two daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 9, is anything but uptight. Her two cats and two dogs make themselves at home on the sofas, her girls regularly spread out their messy art supplies all over the dining room table, and even Jeremy, the family’s bearded dragon (who, by the way, is female), is allowed to roam free.

Butterflies Prove Complex Learning May Be More Common in Insects Than We Thought -
07.08.2023 / 16:11

Butterflies Prove Complex Learning May Be More Common in Insects Than We Thought

It's easy not to think much about the intelligence of insects. Tiny creatures with even tinier brains—how smart can they be?

This Surprising Paint Color Tricks Buyers Into Paying More for a Home - - Usa
04.08.2023 / 00:43

This Surprising Paint Color Tricks Buyers Into Paying More for a Home

If you’re in talks to potentially sell your home, Zillow is here with another tip for future sellers: Go dark. By that, they mean opt for moodier colors in every room—especially dark gray.

Weed Free or So I Thought -
01.08.2023 / 14:35

Weed Free or So I Thought

I bet you spotted my weed as soon as you looked at the picture. ‘Where’s Wally’ you may ask, well he is the gardener that not only let the dandelion flower but seed as well. Back to gardening school. Depending how you look at it there has been a great profusion of dandelions this year but you just wait until next year. The ‘clocks’ have been distributed far and wide since the beginning of May, the breezes were light, the conditions just right and the air and ponds filled with seeds so dandelions are not going to be a threatened species anytime soon!

Coping with my throw-in-the-trowel thoughts -
21.07.2023 / 23:09

Coping with my throw-in-the-trowel thoughts

Read the vintage essay, or just share your own pain right here in comments. You know how gardens are: They take us to the brink and then win our hearts back by magically rebounding, just as we’re about to mow them down or turn them under. Cheeky devils, aren’t they? Why didn’t I take up macrame or Bingo instead? Off to move the vintage-kitchen-stool-turned-sprinkler-tower to another spot now…Categoriesessays

Stray thought: a way, or away, to garden? -
21.07.2023 / 22:56

Stray thought: a way, or away, to garden?

I USED TO BECOME IMPATIENT WHEN PEOPLE would type the name of my blog as Away to Garden. Yes, I know; in a url address you cannot tell where words start or end, but the blog was named for my funny old book: “A Way to Garden,” as in the way I garden, here; just my way, one way among many, yes, but the only one I can really offer first-hand, with conviction.

Ray of catalog sun? more organic, non-gmo seeds - - state Washington
21.07.2023 / 22:52

Ray of catalog sun? more organic, non-gmo seeds

UNLIKE MANY VEGETABLE CROPS we grow to eat—which are typically picked young and tender, and therefore grown for a shorter time—the same plant cultivated for a seed harvest must be grown to a much older age, requiring much more water, fertilizer, and chemical controls against pests and diseases.Seed crops are coddled, and regulations on chemical usage when raising them is also looser than on growing the same vegetable for the food market.Besides the pollution and waste of resources this results in, it fails to do something else really important: It yields seed strains that “expect “ this kind of pampering—not ones that are well-adapted to organic growing conditions in our home gardens, where we (hopefully!) don’t rush in with a chemical at every turn of events, or prop things up on synthetics instead of diligent care for our soil.Read More:

Links i liked: from bird song, to gmo food perils - - Usa
21.07.2023 / 22:47

Links i liked: from bird song, to gmo food perils

I first heard about “Bird Songs Bible: The Complete, Illustrated Reference for North American Birds,” edited by Les Beletsky, featuring sound from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and published by Chronicle Books, in this NPR segment last month. One caveat: The book-cum-boombox (birdbox?) ain’t cheap (cheep?) at $125.‘Millions Against Monsanto’ CampaignIWON’T ELABORATE OR START SHOUTING, but rather leave it at this: One of the things that scares me most is GMO crops, whether in the field or in our food. The Organic Consumers Union offers education, and also an advocacy program (aimed squarely at Monsanto, of course, whom they label “the biotech bully”) to make it easy for us all to add our names to the fight.

Great shrub: bottlebrush buckeye - - Usa - state Florida - state Alabama - state Massachusets - county Hill
21.07.2023 / 22:46

Great shrub: bottlebrush buckeye

I had only ever seen a bottlebrush buckeye (Zone 5-8) once before, at the public garden called Wave Hill in New York City, a giant suckering mound of a thing probably 20 feet across and more than a dozen high. It grew there in the semi-shade of tall trees, as it is does in its natural habitat of the Southeastern United States, specifically rich woodlands in Alabama, Georgia, and northern Florida. I loved its big mountain of a presence right away—and then on that shopping trip to Allen Haskell’s former nursery in New Bedford, there it was. My plant!Though from a distance the flowers appear to be cream-colored, each tiny one on the long wands (technically panicles) is delicately splashed with drops of orangey-red paint–actually the red anthers and pinkish filaments inside the little trumpets. Butterflies and many insect pollinators love to visit them (that’s a silver-spotted skipper sampling the offerings, above).One year, a group of Baltimore orioles explored them enthusiastic

Links: gleaming dragonflies, oliver sacks at 80 - - Usa - New York
21.07.2023 / 22:46

Links: gleaming dragonflies, oliver sacks at 80

LATEST LINKS: Too-hot-to-handle weather has had me indoors for a broad swath of each recent day, and that means more than the usual dose of web browsing—and a couple of new links to share. One (a video) is an extraordinary take on dragonflies; the other a moving essay on what I think is the garden’s most important and insistent message: that nothing lasts. The latter is delivered not by a gardener at all, but by the neurologist Oliver Sacks. Some decidedly non-horticultural but ever-so-moving links I think you’ll like:

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