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The Summer That Was at the 45th Parallel, Part 2 - finegardening.com
17.11.2023 / 08:47

The Summer That Was at the 45th Parallel, Part 2

We’re back with Susan Warde in St. Paul, Minnesota! Yesterday we looked back at the year in her front garden, and today we’re taking the same tour through the seasons but in her back garden, where things are a bit shadier but no less beautiful.

The Summer That Was at the 45th Parallel - finegardening.com
16.11.2023 / 09:34

The Summer That Was at the 45th Parallel

Today Susan Warde is letting us visit her St. Paul, Minnesota, garden. She was inspired by the posts from Cherry and me looking back at “the summer that was” in our gardens, and so she did the same in her garden! We’re going to see her front garden today and the back garden tomorrow. I hope you’ll share your “summer that was” in your garden as well! It is fun seeing how everyone’s plants have performed throughout the year.

The Ultimate Playbook for Holiday Preparation, Straight from a Pro - thespruce.com
08.11.2023 / 14:39

The Ultimate Playbook for Holiday Preparation, Straight from a Pro

We don’t mean to cause alarm, but the holiday season is almost officially upon us. While it’s always important to live in the moment and enjoy the current season, with busy lives and busier schedules, now is the ideal time to start some prep for the holidays. 

Dormant Amaryllis Care, Timing, Preparation, & How To Revive It - getbusygardening.com
31.10.2023 / 16:39

Dormant Amaryllis Care, Timing, Preparation, & How To Revive It

Understanding amaryllis dormancy is key to helping your plant bloom consistently year after year.

Traveler Palm vs. Bird of Paradise: All the Differences - balconygardenweb.com - South Africa - Madagascar
31.10.2023 / 06:57

Traveler Palm vs. Bird of Paradise: All the Differences

Are you looking to make a bold statement in your garden with exotic, tropical flair but confused between Traveler Palm vs. Bird of Paradise? Both plants are renowned for their striking appearance and ability to transport any onlooker into a lush, tropical paradise! Let’s have a detailed comparison!

Celebrando el mes de la Herencia Hispana con tradiciones saludables - hgic.clemson.edu
12.10.2023 / 12:15

Celebrando el mes de la Herencia Hispana con tradiciones saludables

El mes de la Herencia Hispana es una celebración de la rica y diversa cultura e historia de los países y comunidades hispanos y latinos. Se extiende del 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre, y tiene un significado especial ya que muchos países de América Central y del Sur celebran sus días de independencia dentro de este plazo, lo que se suma al orgullo que cada país tiene por su historia única. En esta celebración de la cultura, no podemos pasar por alto la importancia de los alimentos tradicionales hispanos. Estos platos, con su mezcla única de influencias, reflejan el corazón y el alma de la herencia hispana y latina. Desde Mole en México hasta arepas en Colombia, estas tradiciones culinarias cuentan una historia de diversidad y sabor.

Meaning of Luna Moth | Luna Moth Symbolism - balconygardenweb.com
19.09.2023 / 05:53

Meaning of Luna Moth | Luna Moth Symbolism

Captivating and mysterious, the Luna Moth is more than just a pretty face in the insect kingdom. Symbolizing transformation, spiritual growth, and new beginnings, this ethereal creature has long captivated human imagination. With its delicate green wings and striking appearance, it’s hard to deny the almost mystical allure that comes with a Luna Moth sighting. But what really is the Meaning of Luna Moth? Keep scrolling as we delve deep into the captivating world of these flying wonders!

Vuelta a trabajo. Vuelta a escuela – Una guía para almuerzos empacados - hgic.clemson.edu
05.09.2023 / 12:03

Vuelta a trabajo. Vuelta a escuela – Una guía para almuerzos empacados

A medida que la temporada de verano llega a su fin, es hora de prepararse para una nueva fase de la vida: Regresar al trabajo o la escuela. Con horarios ocupados y la necesidad de mantener un estilo de vida equilibrado, la preparación de comidas para almuerzos empaquetados emerge como el superhéroe de la comodidad y la nutrición. En esta entrada de blog, exploraremos los beneficios de la preparación de comidas, cómo construir un plato equilibrado siguiendo las directrices de la Asociación Americana de Diabetes (ADA) y las ventajas económicas de empacar un almuerzo. Saber qué comer puede ser desconcertante, especialmente a medida que la vida se vuelve agitada y ocupada. Vamos a desempacar la confusión de preparación de la comida para que pueda empacar su almuerzo lleno de nutrientes que lo dejará alimentado para el día.

Growing plants in lunar soil - theunconventionalgardener.com
21.08.2023 / 11:55

Growing plants in lunar soil

When Neil Armstrong made his giant leap for humankind in 45 years ago, he got covered in Moon dust. Throughout the Apollo missions, dust was an issue. Fine but rough, it caused problems with the space suits, and created mini dust storms in the cabin once the landers launched back into space.

Asparagus, asparagine, asparaginase - theunconventionalgardener.com - Britain - France
21.08.2023 / 11:53

Asparagus, asparagine, asparaginase

We’ve got a while yet before we get to the eagerly awaited and short-lived British asparagus season. This year it falls after the equally eagerly awaited and short-lived, but far less healthy, Easter Egg season. You can expect British asparagus to be in season from the end of April through until June. I planted some wild asparagus from crowns three years ago, and cultivated asparagus plants two ago, and so this year I’m hoping we can harvest our first home-grown spears!

Book review: Flattened Fauna - theunconventionalgardener.com - Britain
21.08.2023 / 11:53

Book review: Flattened Fauna

There’s a certainly delicious irony in the fact that my copy of Flattened Fauna: A field guide to common animals of roads, streets, and highways has become resolutely three-dimensional whilst I have been reading it. I couldn’t get it to flatten down for a photoshoot, even though “…in becoming part of the road fauna celebrated in this book, an animal loses not only its life but also its third dimension.”

Tuna al fuego - theunconventionalgardener.com - Britain
21.08.2023 / 11:51

Tuna al fuego

Looking for a little novelty during Lockdown, I chanced upon an intriguing blog post about flaming tuna. It’s a simple enough idea – you set light to a tin of tuna (or, one supposes, anything else) in oil. The idea is to transform said tuna from meh to a smoky delight. (If you’re really in trouble then you can use the same principle to create an impromptu oil lamp, although it won’t burn for hours.)

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