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How to Score the Best Thrifted Finds on a Budget, Pros Say -
13.07.2024 / 09:59

How to Score the Best Thrifted Finds on a Budget, Pros Say

There’s no shortage of reasons to thrift home decor. In addition to being more sustainable, shopping secondhand is typically more cost-effective than shopping new. 

The Best Wormeries On Test -
13.07.2024 / 09:16

The Best Wormeries On Test

A wormery is a great way of recycling kitchen and small amounts of garden waste, using worms to turn this  material into nutrient-rich natural compost. A sump within the wormery also holds any excess liquid produced during this process and this can be used to feed your plants too. Simply drain it with the tap, every few days, dilute it to a 1:10 ratio of water and you have a nitrogen-heavy liquid feed ready to use. Wormery composting worms are different species to the earthworms you see in your garden, which aren’t suitable, and are known as brandlings, red, manure or tiger worms. They live inside the waste in the wormery bin and thanks to big appetites and a fast metabolism, quickly break down food waste likeegg shells, vegetable peelings and tea bags and turn them into compost for your garden. For help getting started our helpful step-by-step guide explains how to set up a wormery

How To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden, According To Experts - - county Garden
13.07.2024 / 07:59

How To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden, According To Experts

If a cup of coffee (or several!) are part of your morning or afternoon routine, it's likely that you've tossed a lot of grounds. Coffee grounds are actually full of organic matter and are wonderful to add to the compost pile to create a nutrient-rich amendment. There have been some misconceptions about used coffee grounds and whether it's a good idea to add them directly to your soil, and your houseplants.

The best garden forks in 2024 -
13.07.2024 / 03:39

The best garden forks in 2024

You can’t even begin to garden without the proper preparation of your soil. Well-maintained, aerated soil is necessary for your plants to be as strong and as healthy as possible. However, this is often quite a daunting task, requiring soil to be rejuvenated through loosening and turning over. Forks make this easy – they’re one of the simplest but most effective tools in the garden. Not only are they great for cultivating and getting areas of soil ready for planting & sowing, they’re also designed to easily lift and transplant plants. There are several different types of forks, and most people’s go-to is a digging fork. However, these forks can be unwieldy, and ill suited to smaller areas of the garden like borders. They can also be a  little too clumsy for more delicate tasks like transplanting plants and harvesting from raised beds. Border forks offer an easy alternative. A  little smaller and narrower than digging forks, they’re great for getting into tight spots without compromising on strength or efficiency. They offer a finesse that makes them great for weeding, or lifting clumps of perennials from cramped borders. Their lightness also helps if you have mobility issues, or if you lack strength and stamina. A good border fork turns all of the above from a backbreaker into a breeze. It should be indispensable; a lifetime companion in the garden.

Gardening with pleasure: the best garden centres - - Britain - city London - county Garden
13.07.2024 / 03:07

Gardening with pleasure: the best garden centres

Gardening is not just a hobby, it is a way of life that allows us to get closer to nature. In our country, only 50 no deposit free spins in casinos can compete in terms of popularity with gardening, which has a special place in the hearts of millions of people. The history of British gardening goes back centuries, and this activity continues to attract more and more enthusiasts. In this article, we take a look at the best garden centres in the UK that offer a wide range of plants and gardening products, high quality service and many additional services. Whatever your preferences and level of expertise, you are sure to find something useful and interesting for you.

Valerie’s Greenhouse and Cutting Garden in Canada - - Canada - county Garden
13.07.2024 / 00:21

Valerie’s Greenhouse and Cutting Garden in Canada

Hey GPODers! If you’re savvy on social media and your IG feed is full of gardens that make you say, “How do they possibly do it??” You might recognize today’s submitter, Valerie or @cottageandblossom. Today we’re looking at her enviable greenhouse and gorgeous cutting garden:

This Month in Your Garden – July 2024 -
12.07.2024 / 23:19

This Month in Your Garden – July 2024

Water is essential. This time of year can bring inconsistent rainfall, and with the heat, supplemental irrigation may be needed. Make sure to water deeply but infrequently when irrigating. This is determined by soil type and plant needs.

The Best Garden Spades in 2024 -
12.07.2024 / 13:16

The Best Garden Spades in 2024

From novices to experts, all gardeners need a trusty spade and they’re often the first tool that gardeners will buy when starting out. These staples of the shed are invaluable and can help with dozens of jobs around the garden. Digging spades are the most common style of spade and are the go-to spade for beginners but there are also several other styles and models of spades, which are designed with particular jobs in mind.

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