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Revisiting Fieldman: Seasonal extracts and exquisite illustrations bring 1940s natural world magically to life - - Ireland
29.06.2024 / 04:29

Revisiting Fieldman: Seasonal extracts and exquisite illustrations bring 1940s natural world magically to life

For the first time in decades I heard a cuckoo just the other day, its pealing “Wuck-Koo” ringing out so loudly nearby that I felt a quick, sharp jolt of joy at being so closely in its presence. Once a common sound, the distinctive call of this fleeting seasonal migrant from tropical Africa is traditionally believed to signal the arrival of spring. But as is true of so many other once-common species of birds, its numbers, which are down by an estimated 27 per cent since the early 1970s, have been in slow but steady decline for decades.

Six on Saturday: Differences -
22.06.2024 / 20:05

Six on Saturday: Differences

After a day of tweaking we are all but ready for tomorrow’s garden opening (although there are always things that can only be done on the day), and I am enjoying sitting down while I write this post. Things are generally in order and the garden is poised and waiting, so a chilled evening is more than justified.

7 Perennial Vegetables You Can Enjoy For Seasons To Come, According To An Expert - - county Garden
19.06.2024 / 23:43

7 Perennial Vegetables You Can Enjoy For Seasons To Come, According To An Expert

Growing perennial vegetables can mean longer harvest periods, less maintenance once established, and even improved soil structure. But selecting the best ones for your grow zone and conditions is key.

Six on Saturday – Mind Your Head! -
15.06.2024 / 20:25

Six on Saturday – Mind Your Head!

Although our first proper opening of the garden is not till a week tomorrow, we had a group visit on Thursday, a mixed blessing, as it meant the garden had to be more or less ‘ready’ over a week sooner than it might otherwise have had to be. We didn’t have any group visits last year, the first year that we hadn’t, and this was the first time we had a visit before the main openings as I had previously avoided this – June is probably the most floriferous month, and sometimes we could be in limbo for two or three weeks after the main openings until all group visits were over, before we could loosen the reins a little. Interestingly, this gardening group, from one of the local villages, had previously visited us the first year we opened, although all but a handful of them were new members so the garden was new to them.

Brian Minter: May long weekend heralds a new gardening season - - city Boston
11.06.2024 / 18:53

Brian Minter: May long weekend heralds a new gardening season

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Six on Saturday: Ballerinas, Bells and Beautiful Blooms -
08.06.2024 / 19:45

Six on Saturday: Ballerinas, Bells and Beautiful Blooms

Oriental poppies in any shade may look dramatic when in bloom, but don’t flower for long, flop unattractively and certainly don’t die back well. Somehow they still merit space in a border, but if they start thinking they can take over the world then they are OUT, although removing them is never as easy as one would like it to be. I have a basic fiery scarlet one, pale coral pink Papaver ‘Princess Victoria Louise’ and the more recent acquisition above, ‘Royal Wedding’. The blooms on this one seem particularly large, especially when the petals are splayed out like a frilly tutu – no doubt they will be gone by tomorrow!

Six on Saturday, Starting With an Untruth -
01.06.2024 / 19:59

Six on Saturday, Starting With an Untruth

It wasn’t actually a lie, but I was misleading myself as well as anyone who reads my blog, when I talked yesterday about how behind the clematis were. In reality, it seems to be mostly the C viticella and C integrifolia that are either slow or not showing at all, whereas  C texensis like ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Duchess of Albany’ are as floriferous as usual although not yet in bud, and the few Group 2 clematis are growing and flowering (or about to) as usual, like the striking Clematis ‘Kingfisher’ above.

Six Shining Stars on Saturday -
25.05.2024 / 21:35

Six Shining Stars on Saturday

The garden continues to race along, filling out its borders, opening its blooms and generally providing an endless degree of wonder and awe on every ramble. There are new shining stars waiting to be discovered each day, and I have included a selection of them for Jim’s Saturday meme at Garden Ruminations, making no apologies that there are yet more roses amongst them.

Six on Saturday: More Roses - - Britain
18.05.2024 / 22:21

Six on Saturday: More Roses

Every day I seem to spot the first rose of the year on yet another bush and, today, the first of hundreds on ‘Rambling Rector’; in the warmth and sunshine this afternoon there was even a hint of fragrance in the air. I can’t post any fragrance on this blog, but I can share the beauty of the roses along with their varied colour and form, beginning with ‘Olivia Rose Austin’, above, which grows into a neat and shapely bush.

Six on Saturday: Sun and Shade -
11.05.2024 / 20:07

Six on Saturday: Sun and Shade

We have had some very pleasant days this week, warm and mostly sunny and never uncomfortably hot, so lots of gardening jobs have been done – perhaps as well, as our open days are suddenly creeping up really quickly.  I still took time out to go for a walk on one of the days, choosing a route I have avoided for some time because it crosses fields which will have been muddy and difficult to walk through for many weeks. Taking a slight detour, I entered a small woodland which from experience I know is host to naturalised bluebells. Unfortunately, a fallen tree and overgrown paths meant I failed to get the full experience this year, but it made me aware just how realistic our own little woodland is. Despite being planted with trees, bluebells, wood anemones, wild garlic, fritillaries, snowdrops, comfrey and more, many other things have arrived uninvited and there is a real woodland feel to it, even more so at this time of year, as the green canopy closes in and brings an air of coolness and greenness. Lovely…

Super Speedy Six on Saturday -
04.05.2024 / 17:37

Super Speedy Six on Saturday

Having mentioned before that the rhododendrons seemed to be flowering better than any other year, I can also say that I don’t recollect ever seeing anything with blooms as dense as this before – R. yakushimanum ‘Vintage Rose’ is absolutely astounding! Mind you, I don’t think I remember seeing destruction quite as quick or efficient as that experienced by Fritillaria imperialis either!

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